HEX Live DVD Documentary
The God Bombs

HEX Live DVD Documentary

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Hex Live tells the story of the God Bombs through the lens of cinematographer/director Jack Meltzer, documenting their 2018 North American Amerikkkant Tour with Ministry & Chelsea Wolfe. The DVD Includes live performances, backstage moments, documentary footage, and much more! A must-have for all fans of the band!
Purchase now for an hour long immersion into the shadowy and exhilarating world of The God Bombs!
Every purchase comes with an immediate free download of the Hex Live audio album featuring high quality mixes of all the songs on the DVD!
Track listing:
1. Mr. Alpha
2. Possession
3. Breed
4. Flashback
5. Hexxx
6. Low Lights
7. Ap{e}ocalypse
8. Socio Path
9. Castrate Me
10. Killing an Arab
11. Control
**bonus feature**
12. Hexxx Music Video